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Georgetown Center for Retirement Initiatives (CRI)’s Executive Director Angela Antonelli talks with industry innovators, leaders, and influencers shaping the future of retirement.

May 7, 2020


Charles Millard, former Director, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), Josh Cohen, Managing Director, Head of Institutional Defined Contribution, PGIM and Matthew Brenner, Managing Vice President, Investments, ICMA-RC discuss why DC plans today should consider greater diversification of asset classes and strategies.  Might the COVID-19 economic shock and its impact on portfolios provide evidence of the importance of such diversification during periods of market stress? What are the challenges that slow the inclusion of alternative asset classes, available to defined benefit plans and institutional investors, in DC plans and can they be overcome?

PGIM and ICMA-RC are supporters of the Center for Retirement Initiatives. The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are the views of the guests and do not reflect any policy or position of the Center for Retirement Initiatives.